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"In my PhD at WWU in Münster I quantify current and future Wildfire Hazard Potential for Germany based on satellite data. Environmental remote sensing already started fascinating me during my Bachelor. With the Environmental Geography Master I found a program that features both strong methods courses as well as a large variety of physical and human geographies. This combination gave me the freedom to select courses following my interests, not some strict curriculum. It allowed me to strengthen my statistics and remote sensing methods while deepening my understanding for processes in the biosphere with a focus on forests. I feel well prepared now for my PhD and any future task in this field. Studying at GIB you benefit from the course-pool of multiple geo-related Master programs as well as a generous ratio of lecturers to students. On top, Bayreuth offers a buzzing university campus, afforable living and endless outdoor activities nearby."

                                            Johannes Heisig (Year of graduation: 2020, study program: Environmental Geography)

"I am working as a freelance journalist after having graduated from the Master’s programme Environmental Geography. This study programme helped me gain a deep knowledge of environmental topics such as climate change and the ecosystem of the planet in general. For my work, this knowledge is very useful since I am focussing on environmental journalism. A special highlight of the Master’s programme was the research trip to Namibia. Also, the possibility to choose freely between seminars and courses was a feature of the programme I really enjoyed. Since there is a very direct and personal contact between students and lecturers at GIB, I can highly recommend studying there. Furthermore, it is possible to specialize in a variety of fields. Another point making the programme a very attractive one is the short way to Glashaus and the ecological-botanical garden as well as University of Bayreuth as a campus university per se. The city of Bayreuth offers lots of spare time activities thanks to the short distance to the mountains (Fichtelgebirge), Franconian Switzerland and to various lakes in the surrounding area. With lots of pubs, cafés and parks you can find everything that a student`s heart desires."

Leonie Fößel (Year of graduation: 2019, study program: Environmental geography

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