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With about 50 first-semester students in the bachelor’s programme Geography, another 30 in the teacher education programmes, and 20 in the bachelor programme African Development Studies in Geography, the number of students in Bayreuth is manageable, ensuring close supervision from the teaching staff right from the start.

The University of Bayreuth's Department of Geography offers the bachelor's programmes Geography, African Development Studies in Geography, and Geography for teaching at secondary schools. In Teacher Education in Geography in Bayreuth, you can choose an innovative bachelor's/master's/state examination degree instead of the classical state examination, which opens up attractive opportunities on the job market outside of the classroom.

Following your bachelor's programme, our master's programmes Human Geography - Urban and Regional Research along with Environmental Geography offer you in-depth study in special courses, almost all of which take place in small groups.

All degree programmes in geography include field exercises lasting one day to several weeks (e.g. to Great Britain, the US, China, or Namibia). Nearly all courses take place in the Geoscience building, meaning you'll be close to the library, the PC pools, and the canteen.

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