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Geographies of International Development, Focus on Africa BA

In the Geographies of International Development, Focus on Africa (GEFA) degree programme, you will deal with present-day transformations as well as natural, social, political and economic conditions of development processes in Africa from a geographical perspective.

The content of the degree programme lies in the contact area of geography and African studies, of physical geography and human geography and of theory and methods training.

In addition to the acquisition of regional competence, the regional focus on Africa offers a field for exemplary learning, on the basis of which you will also develop an understanding of global social, economic and political processes of development and upheaval.

Presentation of the study programme - Prof. Martin Doevenspeck

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Important at a glance​

Structure and content of the study programmeHide

The degree programme is divided into a core subject and an optional combination subject and is to be completed in the standard period of study of six semesters. The core subject is divided into five module areas (including Bachelor thesis and professional internship), in which 131 credit points must  be  earned. In addition, 49 credit points must be earned in the minor subject. The Bachelor's examination is completed during the course of study by graded, course-specific examinations and the final Bachelor's thesis.

Fundamentals of Geographical Development Research (module area GEFA, 1st-4th semester):

  • Introductory lectures in essential sub-areas of geographic development research
  • Regionally focused, thematic seminars (Human-Environment Relations, Global Land Use Change, Urbanisation/Urban Management in Africa, Economic Geography of Africa, Political Geography of Africa, Development Research/Development Policy)
  • Excursion to development cooperation organisations (Bonn)

Methods of Geographical Development Research (module area METH, 1st-4th semester)

  • Empirical research methods in geography as a social and natural science
  • Cartography and GIS
  • Strategies and instruments for controlling, planning and evaluating development processes
  • Elective module

Special Topics in Geographical Development Research (Module area SPEZ, 4th-6th semester)

  • Seminars on current, changing topics in African geographic development research
  • Study projects in small groups
  • Large field exercise in Africa (e.g. Tanzania, Lake Kivu, Ethiopia, Ghana)

Professional internship (module area PRAK, min. 8 weeks)

  • (Before the internship) Registration of the internship with the Chair of Geographical Development Research
  • (After the internship) Registration for the presentation of results (usually 1x per semester) by email at the office of Geographical Development Research
  • Preparation of the presentation of results: Internship report (max. 2 pages): In the internship report, a short overview of the organisation and your own field of activity should be given, as well as a short evaluation of whether and if so what added value the internship had for you personally. Short presentation (15 min): In the presentation, the tasks and experiences from the professional internship are described. Send evaluation form, certificate and report at least 7 days before the presentation.
  • Presentation

Please also refer to the module handbook, which we have linked to below.. 

Bachelor thesis (Module BA, 6th semester): Guide to registering the bachelor thesis

Combination subject (1st-6th semester):

You can choose from the following subjects:

The examination regulations for the combination subjects can be found here.

Start of studies from WS 21/22Module HandbookExamination and study regulations
Start of studies from WS 18/19Module HandbookExamination and study regulations
Start of studies from WS 14/15Module Handbook Examination and study regulations
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Admission takes place within the framework of a study orientation procedure (SOV). More information on the application and admission process can be found on the pages of the Student Office. The study programme can only be started in the winter semester. Applications can be submitted until 15th of July for starting in the next winter semester.

The application is made online via the Campus Management System of the University of Bayreuth. The following documents must be uploaded and attached to the application:

  • Scan of your university entrance qualification
  • tabular resume
  • written justification for the choice of degree programme (letter of motivation).

The date of study orientation procedure will soon announced. You will receive more detailed information on the timing and organisation of the procedure after your application has been received and reviewed.

Professional fieldsHide

After their studies, "GEFAs" are, for example...

  • active in international organisations (e.g. World Bank, United Nations Organisation such as FAO, UNFCC, UNICEF, UNESCO)
  • in non-governmental organisations under contract (e.g. Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Amnesty International, Oxfam)
  • at home in government development cooperation (e.g. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  • work as (photo)journalists (e.g. Die Zeit, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, TAZ, Neue Medien)
  • active in political education and policy advice (e.g. Hans Seidel Foundation, consultancy companies)
  • engaged in the cultural sector (e.g. Goethe Institutes in Africa, Iwalewahaus)
  • employed as experts in companies and business associations (e.g. Africa Association of German Business, SAFRI/Southern Africa Initiative of German Business)
  • working in the tourism industry (e.g. educational and study trips, alternative forms of travel)
  • enrolled in a Master's programme (e.g. peace and conflict studies, human geography, development studies, humanitarian aid)
  • employed as doctoral students or research assistants (e.g. German Development Institute, Bayreuth International Graduate School of Africa)

The Bachelor's degree programme Geographies of International Development, Focus Africa offers you:

  • a well-founded and practice-oriented training in methods (quantitative/qualitative, physical/human geographic methods, methods in development cooperation)
  • a close link between scientific competence and application orientation through practice-oriented learning within the framework of research-oriented courses, excursions to development cooperation organisations and to Africa, as well as the professional internship
  • a large selection of combination subjects and a strong connection to interdisciplinary African research at the University of Bayreuth, which occupies a leading position in Europe. You can also choose Geographies of International Development, Focus on Africa as a combination subject with the degree programmes Culture and Society of Africa and Social and Cultural Anthropology.
Further information can also be found on the website for those interested in this degree programme. gefa_logo_home

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