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Department of Geography

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Department of Geography

The Department of Geography offers a range of bachelor's, master's, and teacher education programmes.   ...more


The research profile of the Department of Geography is quite varied thanks to the broad range of professorships it includes.   ...more


The Department of Geography's scholars work in an array of different fields that includes physical geography (natural sciences) as well as human geography (social sciences).   ...more

Feel free to contact the Programme Coordinator if you have any questions about the organization of your degree programme.  

Individualized advising covering a diverse array of subjects. 

The Responsibility of Geography in the 21st Century

What kind of sustainable contributions can we make to better understand and shape local, national, and global development and transformation processes and thus solve spatial problems? The experts working in Bayreuth's Department of Geography are providing innovative answers to this crucial question. The Department is characterized by its broad range of theoretically sound empirical research combined with problem-oriented teaching.


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Important Dates

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