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Dr. Matthias Gebauer
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Alina von Randow

If you are interested in a stay in East of Europe, you can contact Nicolai Teufel (nicolai.teufel@uni-bayreuth.de).

You can find further contact partners and information on central information events on the pages of the International Office.

AuslandsstudiumYour ways to go abroad

1. Semester abroad

4. Language Courses & Winter and Summer Schools

2. Internship abroad

5. Internationalisation at home

3. Thesis

6. Country-specific programmes

1. Semester abroad

Studying abroad. For many, this is synonymous with the "classic" ERASMUS semester. But there are also numerous possibilities beyond this. The good news is that the whole world is open to you, because a semester abroad can - with a little planning - be completed at any university.



ERASMUS is one of the most successful programmes of the European Union and has become almost synonymous with semesters abroad. It enables funded study stays in other EU countries as well as in some other partner countries.

The MoveON programme shows existing ERASMUS partnerships and available places (for this: select the degree programme "Geography" and the frame "Erasmus SMS").

Students who are interested in the Erasmus+ programme can find further information on the pages of the International Office.

Within the framework of the Erasmus programme, the subject Geography cooperates with the following universities:

BayHOST Scholarships for East Central EuropeHide

The partner countries Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary offer Bavarian students and doctoral candidates scholarships for study visits to their universities or research institutions. BayHOST collects and coordinates these scholarships.

International study programmesHide

Fancy more than a semester abroad? DIE ZEIT provides a search function on international degree programmes.


If you do not get your university of choice abroad in the application process or if you want to attend a foreign university that does not have a cooperation agreement with UBT, you can go abroad as a freemover. In this case, you apply independently to your university of choice and also have to bear any costs for tuition fees yourself. The INO will gladly support and advise you with regard to financial aid through scholarships as well as in contact with university representatives.

African universities are mentioned here as examples in order to take account of the African focus at the Institute of Geography:

2. Internship abroad

Whether it's a compulsory or elective internship, whether it's 1 month or 1 year - there are numerous options for organising and financing an internship abroad.

DAAD: OverviewHide

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides information on its homepage about possibilities for financing and planning internships abroad.

BayHOST: Internships in Eastern EuropeHide

The Bavarian University Centre for Eastern Europe (BayHOST) promotes internships in the countries of Eastern and Central Eastern Europe with mobility grants of up to € 450.

RISE: Internships for Bachelor students in the natural sciencesHide

Bachelor students and rather physical-geographical oriented? RISE promotes worldwide research internships for German students from the natural sciences, life sciences and engineering.

Carlo Schmid Programme: Internships with International OrganisationsHide

The Carlo Schmid Programme is aimed at students and graduates of all disciplines who are interested in a career in international administration. An internship of several months in an international organisation, an EU institution or a non-governmental organisation is intended to familiarise students with the problems and working methods in the field of international administration and to contribute to the expansion of intercultural competence

IAESTE: Praktika im Bereich NaturwissenschaftenHide

The IAESTE programme arranges subject-related internships in the fields of engineering and natural sciences, agriculture and forestry. IAESTE has a worldwide network of national committees in more  than 80 countries, which offer a support programme in the target country and organise suitable accommodation on request. Students with a physical-geographical orientation might find what they are looking for here.

Internship links of international organisationsHide

Numerous institutions at EU level, but also in the area of the United Nations, offer internships. The DAAD provides an overview of these.

DAAD: Short-term scholarshipsHide

The DAAD supports internships abroad with short-term scholarships at the following organisations:

GIZ: Internships in development cooperationHide

Students interested in development cooperation can find interesting internships on the job exchange of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Promos scholarships for internships outside the EUHide

Students of the University of Bayreuth in non-European countries are eligible for funding. Detailed information on the current PROMOS call for proposals can be found here.

3. Thesis

Field research is an integral part of an empirically oriented geography. In addition to the funding opportunities for internships, there are also some ways to be supported in this.

Mobility grants from the Bavarian University CentresHide

BayHOST supports final theses in all subject areas in the countries of East-Central Europe with mobility grants of up to 1000 EUR.

The other Bavarian University Centres also offer students funding opportunities for final theses in the form of mobility grants in China, France, India and Latin America

Heinrich J. Klein Foundation: Research FellowshipsHide

The Heinrich J. Klein Foundation awards scholarships to graduates for a stay abroad that serves the purpose of academic qualification. This can be, for example, a research stay in the context of a thesis.

German-Czech and German-Slovak Historical CommissionHide

​Students writing a thesis on a topic dealing with German-Czech-Slovak relations or Czech and Slovak history can apply to the German-Czech and German-Slovak Historical Commission for a scholarship for a research stay.

4. Language Courses & Winter and Summer Schools

Where better to learn a language or understand contexts than on site?

DAAD: OverviewHide

The DAAD offers a search for language courses by country, language and language level.

BayHOST: Language Courses in East-Central EuropeHide

The Bavarian University Centre for Eastern Europe (BayHOST) collects and arranges language course scholarships for the countries of East Central Europe.

DAAD "go east"-SummerschoolsHide

The DAAD has a special scholarship programme to support students who wish to attend a selected summer or winter school in East Central Europe or Eastern Europe.

PROMOS scholarships (outside the EU)Hide

The University of Bayreuth awards partial scholarships for stays abroad outside of Europe to students of the University of Bayreuth from funds of the mobility programme PROMOS.

Language courses at universities or established language institutions with a minimum of 25 lessons per week can be funded. Duration: minimum three weeks to maximum six months

Subject courses include summer courses/schools, workshops at universities and similar events with a clear subject-related focus. Duration: maximum six weeks

Search engine for summer schools in EuropeHide

At www.summerschoolsineurope.eu you can search summer schools in Europe by regional and subject focus.


5. Internationalisation at home

At the Institute of Geography and the University of Bayreuth there are also numerous opportunities to make international contacts. They include:

Buddy Programme of the International Student NetworkHide

Buddyprogramm: The aim of the programme is to give international newcomers at the University of Bayreuth a little orientation and support in the initial phase of their stay. For this purpose, the ISN assigns one or two international students to interested students.

International lectures and workshopsHide

Within the framework of the Geographical Colloquium and also in the context of research projects at the Geography Department in Bayreuth, there are opportunities to make contact with international academics. 

Bayreuth International SummerschoolsHide

The two large summer schools at the University of Bayreuth, the Bayreuth International Summerschool and the Summer University, are always happy to receive active support. 

Model UN and Model African UnionHide

Model United Nations simulates a United Nations conference. Model African Union transfers this model to the countries of the African Union.

University groups and civil societyHide

The Stay university group supports local development workers abroad.

Zugvögel e.V. is committed to intercultural North-South exchange.

Bunt-statt-braun - Gemeinsam stark für Flüchtlinge e.V. is an association active in Bayreuth whose members support refugees.

6. Country-specific programmes

In addition to the above-mentioned opportunities, there are also numerous institutions that promote various forms of stays abroad in specific target regions at irregular intervals.

List of the International OfficeHide

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East Europe









Czech Republic


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