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Geography for teaching in grammar schools

At the University of Bayreuth, you will study geography for the teaching profession at grammar schools as an innovative Bachelor's and Master's degree programme that opens   up attractive opportunities on the job market outside of school as well.

Thus, after the 6th semester, if you choose Geography as your first subject and complete the Bachelor's thesis, you will acquire a first professional degree, Geography B.Sc. This is followed by 4 more semesters to finish with the Master of Education (M.Ed.).

Presentation of the study programme - Prof. Gabriele Schrüfer

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The most important at a glance

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The programme lasts 6 semesters for the Bachelor's degree and 4 semesters for the Master's degree. It is divided into modules in which a total of 270-273 ECTS (§ 22 (3) LPO I) must be earned by the time of the First State Examination.

Students choose a second subject (chemistry, German, English, physics, economics) and attend courses in subject didactics and educational science in addition to the subject-specific courses. In the subject-specific part of the programme, students acquire key subject-specific and methodological qualifications as well as knowledge of general geography and regional geography. In subject didactics you acquire the competence to design, plan, organise, reflect and evaluate teaching and learning processes in geography lessons in a targeted manner and according to scientific findings.

Teaching and service delivery

The contents are not only acquired in lectures, but also applied and deepened in associated seminars and exercises as well as in field exercises (individual days and a large field exercise lasting at least 10 days).

The final examination is the first state examination, the grade of which is made up of the module examinations (40 %) and the first teaching examination (60 %). You will complete a wide variety of coursework (see module handbook, study and examination regulations appendix).

Further information

You will find all information on the degree programme in the Module Handbook, the Study and Examination Regulations and at the homepage of the Chair for Didactics of Geography at the University of Bayreuth

Start of studies from WS 21/22Not yet published. Please contact the study coordinator if you have any questions.
Start of studies from WS 14/15

Module handbook

Examination and study regulations Bachelor and Master


The degree programme is not subject to admission restrictions. 
An application is not necessary; the programme can only begin in the winter semester. You can enrol at the Registrar's Office by the university's internal deadlines.

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