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Human Geography - Urban and Regional Research M.Sc.

The Master's programme in Human Geography Urban and Regional Research offers you an interdisciplinary degree programme in which you can set your own focal points.

In the basic modules, you will acquire in-depth theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of urban, economic and social geography. With the context subject, the elective module (e.g. cultural or economic geography, political geography, society and environment) and the study project, you can choose different specialisations.

The courses are mainly characterised by small group sizes, so that you can actively participate and discuss. In the large field exercise with a field stay of several days and a study project, you work independently on your chosen topic.

Get to know us!

In order to get to know the degree programme, the campus and us, we invite you to a get-to- know afternoon at the Department of Geography on 06.07.2022, where you will also have  the opportunity to exchange ideas with students of the degree programme.

If you would like to participate, please email the study coordinator Jasmin Samimi.


The most important at a glance

Structure and contents of the Master's programmeHide

The programme lasts 4 semesters with a research-oriented structure, during which a total of 120 credit points must be earned. You can also complete the degree programme as a part-time student. You achieve the Master's degree with graded, course-specific examinations during your studies and the final Master's thesis (guidelines for registering the Master's thesis).

In a free area, you can attend a 4- or 8-week professional internship, a summer school and/or further Master's courses from the range offered by the University of Bayreuth and other universities. You demonstrate your presence at the events you have chosen by having them signed in your "Veranstaltungspass", which you submit to the examination office at the end of your studies for entry in CampusOnline. Please note that all components of the programme, including professional internships, must be completed during the Master's programme (internships or professional activities completed previously will not be recognised).

You also choose a contextual subject from an extensive range, e.g. Business Administration, Economics, Public Law (Energy and Planning Law, Environmental Law), Business Informatics, Sociology, Social and Cultural Anthropology and Global Change Ecology/Geoecology.

There is the possibility of a "fast track" entry into the doctoral programme "Raum und Gesellschaft -  Space and Society" in the Graduate School for Natural Sciences at the University of Bayreuth.

Detailed information on your studies can be found in the master module handbook and study regulations.


The application takes place online.

The application deadline is 15 July for admission in the following winter semester.

You will be admitted without an aptitude test if you have a degree in geography with a grade of 2.0 or better.

The documents of the other applicants will be examined individually in the course of the aptitude assessment procedure. Only under certain conditions (cf. aptitude procedure in the e xamination and study  r egulations, appendix 2) will we invite you to a personal interview, during which you will have the opportunity to get to know the degree programme and us better. The interviews (no examination :-)) will take place on 06.07. or at the end of July 2022 (depending on the receipt of applications).

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to get to know the campus from 4 p.m. on 6 July and to exchange ideas with students of the degree programme at a social get-together. If you are unable to attend the interview, you will of course be offered an alternative date.

If you have been admitted on the basis of a certificate of study with provisional grades, the final certificate with the corresponding grade must be presented to the examination office at the end of the 1st semester.

Professional fieldsHide

The Master of Science degree imparts specialist and methodological skills that enable graduates to pursue subsequent doctoral studies as well as to enter the non-university labour market.

In the non-university sector, this enables them to work in spatial science research institutions, in ministries and authorities, in urban and regional planning, with insurance companies and banks, with energy groups and in industry, as well as with meteorological services and space agencies and in real estate and housing market research.

In addition, independent expert activities for ministries, authorities, organisations and companies are possible.
In the case of a doctorate, there is the possibility of a "Fast Track" entry into the doctoral programme "Raum und Gesellschaft - Space and  Society" in the Graduate School for Natural Sciences at the University of Bayreuth.

Testimonials from graduatesHide
Adnan Mazgic (Graduation: 2019)


"I have been working as an analyst in the purchasing department of a real estate investor in Frankfurt for a year. There, in addition to commercial calculations, I deal with market, location and property analyses of commercial real estate throughout Germany. "Similar to my studies in human geography "City & Regional Research", complex and project- based questions are usually the order of the day here, which are developed by an interdisciplinary team of business people, lawyers, architects and geographers."

"Especially for the above-mentioned activities, a spatial perspective is often helpful in order to understand the myriad of properties as well as their markets and locations faster and better. This versatility was also reflected within the degree programme, where my fellow students and I were able  to pursue our own interests and passions in different areas and this was supported at all times - in my case this was geographical real estate research. They were also always willing to discuss individual solutions, which made it possible, for example, to combine studies with an internship. In addition, Bayreuth was a great place to study. The city and the university have grown together for a long time, offer a great cultural programme, an affordable housing situation, a lot of proximity to nature and a refreshing contrast to the big city."

Sascha Diemer (Graduation: 2020)

 "The Master's programme in Human Geography "Urban and Regional Research" at the University of Bayreuth has helped me both personally and professionally. An internship during my studies gave me the opportunity to work in city marketing in Bayreuth from October 2019. There, I work together with the city management team on the inner-city development of the city of Bayreuth, with a focus on local retail and the city experience. I can profitably use my professional knowledge from my studies there. With the help of the theoretical basics I have learned, I am able to look at various issues from a spatial science perspective and, for example, play a significant role in shaping the city's image."

"However, there was also a very large proportion of practice-oriented project seminars and excursions in the degree programme, which provided new insights and experiences in various professional fields and research areas of human geography - which I personally very much appreciated and from which I also benefited.The degree programme in Bayreuth was more than just the completion of the Master's degree, it was an inspiring period of my life that decisively shaped my professional as well as personal path in life. The university supported me at all times with advice and support, offered me a great deal  of freedom in terms of determining the focus of my studies and always maintained a very informal relationship between students and teaching staff. The city of Bayreuth also offers everything a  student's heart desires: a wide range of high and subculture, varied leisure activities and many quaint pubs and bars with typical Upper Franconian charm!"

Webmaster: Jasmin Samimi

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